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Structure of Shared Governance

Northwest Community Action Partnership has an established formal structure of shared governance in which policy making and other decisions are made.  This structure includes the Board of Directors, Head Start Policy Council and the Leadership Team.

Board of Directors overall legal and fiscal responsibilities for the entire agency and:

  • Reviews and approves changes to the By-laws
  • Establishes mission, vision and strategic objectives
  • Established and approves fiscal policies to ensure appropriate internal controls are established and implemented to safeguard funds
  • Approve personnel policies 
  • Approves for the submission of all funding applications and amendments
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws and programmatic regulations

Policy Council approves policies and operational plans for Head Start and:

  • Approves Head Start plans, policies and procedures
  • Approves of personnel and fiscal policies
  • Approves Head Start funding applications
  • Approves criteria for recruitment, selection, and enrollment priorities

The Leadership Team has implementation and operational responsibilities and:

  • Serves and leadership and management staff for entire agency by ensuring program execllence
  • Develop procedures to execute policies and recommends policy changes to the Board for consideration
  • Develop strategic goals to achieve agency objectives 
  • Conduct Community Needs Assessment and identify programs and services to address needs
  • Assess and evaluation program success and collect robust data to use in decision making
  • Handle day-to-day functions and operation of the agency
  • Oversees development of program budgets and maintains internal controls
  • Recruit, train, supervise and develop staff
  • Build and nuture collaborative partnerships with community organizations and others to provide quality services and advocate for low-income citizens