Homelessness Prevention

Helping People. Changing Lives.

NCAP offers a range of services to address the needs of people who are homeless or who are near homeless in our service area by providing temporary and permanent housing options for persons who are homeless, offering supports to prevent homelessness and working with communities to develop projects to promote self-reliance.

Contact the Service Navigators in communities listed below:

For Box Butte County, please call (308) 762-4960.

For Cherry County please call at (402) 376-1886.

For Dawes and Sheridan Counties, please call (308) 747-2180 or (308) 747-2200.

Information on Rural Homelessness

Many people think of homelessness as strictly an urban issue due to the fact that urban area homelessness is more visible and those living in poverty are in great number.  Click for more information on Rural Homelessness.